Recruiting the #BorderhoodVSCovid squad!

As we all know, we are currently living stressful times. The COVID-19 pandemic will affect us all in many different ways, everyone’s mental health is at stake.

Have you seen how many mental health resources are circulating around during this time of  lockdown and uncertainty ? Wouldn’t we love that to be the regular effort to raise awareness around mental care?

It is true that our wellbeing (at least for many for us with BPD) strongly relies on a delicate balance, and we can struggle when something changes. But, have you noticed that most of the advice out there are things we have been told before, things we have tried before, things we currently practice?


Reaching out for help, breathing, being mindful, learning to identify our emotions, training to have more control over our reactions, eating healthy, sleeping well, working out, seeking professional care, using the aid of medicines when necessary. Do these ring a bell? I am confident this is a path we have somehow walked through.

Lots of different people, with mental illness or not, have expressed they are experiencing various and more extreme emotions in one day. Sadness, despair, anxiety, anger, confusion, restlessness, insomnia, nervous eating, nervous smoking, nervous drinking, feeling lonely, feeling annoyed about sharing a space 24/7 with someone, then they forget about it, regain strength, impulsively clean out the closet, and back to the beginning. Well, non-BPD friends, WELCOME TO BORDERLINE!

Although all of us in the world are trying to adapt, to figure out WTF this pandemic means and to surf through this very complicated situation, the advice and practice to look after mental health  is not new to us non-neurotypicals.

So, this is an opportunity for us, to support our mates with BPD, others with other mental illness, others with no mental illness, EVERYONE.

It is time to use our borderline personality superpower for good and to help others navigate the confusing and challenging realms we know so well.

So, we are recruiting the #BorderhoodVSCovid squad!

We invite you to share the positive activities, things, advice that have helped you cope with these challenging days of the pandemic!

  • Share a video or a post on social media with the #BorderhoodVSCovid hashtag
  • Use the space in the forum below to share
  • Email us

We will create further content based on your input and we will choose your photos and videos to feature in our upcoming posts!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Borderline Project

Join the squad and leave your advice in the comment section


2 thoughts on “Recruiting the #BorderhoodVSCovid squad!

  1. Gerardo Sierra Fojo says:

    Muy padre iniciativa, creo que esto cambiara la forma que tenemos de ver el mundo y de actuar en el. Felicidades por hacer algo mas , que solo esperara a que pase

    Liked by 1 person

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