Balance Your Extreme Thinking

by Ana Montana

It is usually recommended that you seek out a healthcare professional adept with Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms and common issues. That will help you to get to the root of your dichotomous thinking and dress it correctly. If you tend to go to the extremes, your therapist could help you identify and explore the middle ground and eventually introduce you to a new, more balanced way of thought. As you progress, you will learn to question your own assumptions asking yourself key questions.


Black and White thinking usually holds us back from living a rich, full life. But the good news is that dichotomous thinking and Borderline Personality Disorder can be treated and yes, you can achieve a more balanced life if you work hard and are willing to explore different tools that might be useful for you.

* Do you have a friend or family member with BPD? Do you want to share your story with us? Remember you can write us here. We’re here, contact us! 🙂

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