Digital Media & Stigma

By Fabiola

A friend of mine has borderline personality disorder.                                                                  Digital media offers a lot of information about BPD. I’ve read the most radical assertions about this illness. It will not be me who explains what my friend’s illness is and what it isn’t. I’ve known her for the last two months and every article or blog post, even some psychological or psychiatric journals, make me think that she doesn’t have borderline.

It´s true that her emotional levels soar like a sputnik, that she is reiterative about whether I’m okay, as if she was responsible for my comfort and that her intense way to live, talk or write makes her personality a rare kind of unique and safe madness.

It´s clear to me that she suffers, because I’ve seen it. I see how she barely deals with a normal day, but unlike those texts that I’ve read, in all this time, she has never tried to justify or manipulate any situation. And I can say it, because I can recognize those tricks relatively easily.

I’m not a specialist, but I think, for the little that I have been able to observe, that this Borderline World is not easy. But getting around that is just a percentage of your struggle. In addition to everything, she must deal with the stigma related to her disorder.

digital media gif

I think a lot about how information confuses people. So, my intention with this narration is to point out that what she and other people with mental illness need the least is to increase their anguish due to the anxieties that provoke our judgments, specialized or not.

I congratulate and applaud the launch of this new blog, which promises to be the most honest and loyal to the borderline reality. Long live The Borderline Project!

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