What Do People Living With BPD Need?

By Andrea

Social worker in Voz Pro Salud Mental Mexico

At the family level, it is necessary for their families to have a parallel process, when they are diagnosed with BPD because the family needs to be educated and contained about it, as well as having a space to vent their own emotions and conflicts to see their relatives suffer this way.

At the microsocial level, it is essential that the subject of mental health be a visible and recognized issue as any other physical illness or any other chronic pathology, for which if there is comprehensive care, unlike most cases of BPD.

It is vital to educate so that you can normalize and understand that it is a disease like many others. Offer preventive education to identify risk factors and promote mental health to support awareness.


At the macrosocial and structural level, it is necessary that there be policies and intervention protocols, where competent professionals are prepared to make a first containment, to do a test to detect, in a timely and effective way, what a person with a psychiatric experience may be manifesting. The health system must change. It has to make mental illness visible. Not only with dissemination and educational programs to the community, but also by expanding the budget that is intended for a subject so fundemental, where the prevalence at this time and over the years will be in mental illness, not physical illness. That is already in evidence, therefore a more structured approach ought to be taken in restructuring the budget to take these issues into account, because if the health system changes, the other areas of the public system would function differently. Work, housing, education, transportation and mobility; everything would improve. And it would not be a shame to talk about mental illnesses like BPD.

If all these factors come together, a borderline person will be able to face their illness with greater hope, with a high level of empowerment, because there would then be a social system much more container. I think it is a causal relationship between what corresponds to us as a society and what we can give to a person diagnosed with BPD. Beyond that, a person with BPD, who is being restrained, who is respected and recognized and whose differences are will be able to contribute through taking advantage of those differences.

Ultimately, they will add great value to the world as they will feel this ultra-favorable environment to express themselves and channel all of their feelings and passion into whatever they want to.



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