Borderline Thinking

by Ana Montana

Dichotomous Thinking, also known as ¨black and white thinking¨ is a common symptom in many mental illnesses, including Borderline Personality Disorder. This is a  struggle in which people with BPD see only the extremes of things, never the middle. Almost every thought or situation breaks down to black or white, good or bad, all or nothing. This extreme thinking can cause serious overreactions or responses with significant consequences.

BPDThinking copy

Dichotomous thinking can be very detrimental, holding you back from living a rich, full life. The good news is that dichotomous thinking and BPD can be treated. It’s essential to get to the root of dichotomous thinking and address it. People with BPD need to learn to question their own assumptions and work to reach a new, more balanced way of thought. 


* Do you have a friend or family member with BPD? Do you want to share your story with us? Remember you can write us here. We’re here, contact us! 🙂


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