Work Out!

By Mariana

Physical activity is one of the most effective tools to help yourself feel better. It might sound bloody boring and maybe like a cliché but it certainly does wonders. THAT IS A PROMISE.

Any kind of cardio will automatically pump more oxygen to your body and therefore to your brain. A “fresh” (refreshed with oxygen) brain is chemically less likely to get depressed.

brain Activity also makes several of our glands get to work! They will segregate a hormonal cocktail to provide the fuel required to cope with the physical efforts of working out, but most importantly, the effects of these substances will provide you with sensation of well-being. They are NATURAL DRUGS, especially designed by your own body for YOU, the FUCKING best you will find!


  • Accomplishment: keeping track of your efforts will help give yourself recognition. You will also notice that each time your condition will get better.
  • Free: Budget issues? There are several gyms and classes you can join, but if money is an issue you can always go jogging around your neighborhood with no cost.
  • Improves the effects of medicines: If you are currently going through a treatment that involves taking some drugs, working out will help your body assimilate the chemicals faster and more accurately. Also, side effects of several of these pills can make us gain weight, which might add to our insecurities. Working out will help make up for that.
  • Burn it off: It’s a great way to release angry energy or to get rid of that horrible sensation of feeling nervous, like when you feel you have an army of ants walking over you: anxiety sucks!
  • Your body: Being honest, we all enjoy feeling more comfortable about our appearance. Beyond being healthy (which of course is super important), working out will also have an impact on the way we look. Many of us struggle with insecurities, so exercise might help tackle this too.


1. Pick something you like: If you are not a “sports” person, choose your workout routine carefully. The options are endless.

Jogging might be good for those who enjoy the outdoors or people who have dogs. Bringing your dog along with an empowering playlist will always encourage you.

Boxing is great if you are looking for a way to release your anger. Beating the shit out of a punching bag feels AMAZING!

Soccer is great too. Maybe you can coordinate your friends to play together or join a local team.

Keep looking, and you’ll find the exercise that’s right for you.

2. Keep it real. Not all of us are athletes and sometimes it can be really hard to get your ass out of bed to go work out, especially if you are feeling sad or anxious. Not being ablegiphy (3) to comply with an exhausting workout routine will only make you feel frustrated. So it´s always best to keep realistic goals. Work out for short sessions but make sure these happen on a regular basis. Exercising at least 3 or 4 times a week will bring great benefits both for your mind and body.

3. Make it easy! Working out does not have to be another horrible task you have to get through. Make sure to schedule it where and when it best suits you. If you do not usually wake up early, do not sign up for morning sessions. Don’t join a gym if you have to take a bus to get there. That might just make it easier to quit.

4. Reach out: If you need encouragement, don´t be shy to ask your friends for support. For some people group activities are easier to follow up.

Yeah, it can be hard, but if you are committed to trying different things to help you feel better it´s not impossible. It´s worth giving it a try. 

Some apps that might help:

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